July 29, 2012

What do they do?

Recommend affordable artwork for rent or purchase.

Why are they special?

  1. Set up for month-to-month rentals, and 50% of rental fees can be credited towards a purchase
  2. The emerging/mid-career artists are screened/curated and receive a portion of the rental charges
  3. A 7-question quiz helps users discover their personal style

Are they funded?

Mike Edwards, Anton Levy, Idan Cohen, Ken Landis, Daniel Eskapa, 500 Startups, Quotidian Ventures, Great Oaks Ventures, PKS Capital seed ($390K)

Who are their comps?

Rise Art, Hang Art

How do I find them?

Website / Crunchbase / Twitter / Facebook 

What else can you tell me?

Available to source art for corporate clients as well. Currently focused on artists with in the NYC area.


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